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Elegant and welcoming.

It is the entrance to the Auditorium and recalls its modular structure. It is divisible into two independent areas: Grecale and Maestrale, each next to their meeting room.

Its large size and its stylish functional décor make it a prestigious and versatile setting for welcoming attendees.


Foyer section


Auditorium Foyer

  • Length m. 90
  • Width m. 21,3

Grecale / Maestrale Foyer

  • Length m. 38,9
  • Width m. 21,3
  • Height from m. 2,85 to 4,10
  • 4 doors leading outside (Maestrale foyer)
  • 6 doors leading outside (Grecale foyer)
  • Connected to the Auditorium by two escalators, stairway and elevator
  • Access to harbor street side and parking area