The square on the Mediterranean


porto antico

Porto Antico is Genoa’s waterfront, open and lively 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

A few steps away from the heart of the historical downtown area, a spectacular “square” on the Mediterranean, easily accessible, closed to traffic and with Wi-Fi connectivity; a place full of charm and history, museums, public playground, swimming pool on the sea, cinema, Europe’s’ largest aquarium, cafes, Eataly and themed restaurants. This place is a thousand years old and was in need of renewal. Renzo Piano took the job and brought the sea to the heart of Genoa and Genoa to the heart of its visitors.

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Itineraries and Attractions.

Porto Antico is the heart of Genoa’s tourist attractions. Where once busy port activities took place now cultural and leisure facilities stand tall.

Genoa Aquarium, one of Europe’s largest, most visited marine parks, and 70 fish pools take visitors on an underwater journey from the Mediterranean seabed to the Madagascar lagoon passing through coral reefs and Antarctic icebergs. The recently installed Dolphin Pavilion enhances the tour and offers a view of the animals form outdoors and above the pool glass.

Near the Aquarium shops and the Biosphere, a steel glass structure built on a floating platform, diameter 20 m. housing a tropical ecosystem with plants and animals. At a short distance the departure point for ferries touring the port and headed toward the Eastern Riviera.

The Bigo, recalling the cranes once built on cargo ships, supports the panoramic elevator, symbol of Porto Antico from where you can enjoy at a height of 40 meters a striking view of the port area and the old city center.

Across, thematic restaurants and Eataly’s high quality food products, The National Antarctic museum and Piazza delle Feste overlooking the water that at winter hosts an ice skating rink and at summer an open-air theater.

The imposing Porta Siberia, designed by Galeazzo Alessi and built in 1550 houses the museum dedicated to the art of Emanuele Luzzati. Its name is a distortion of the original “Porta Cibaria”, in the past centuries, Genoa’s entrance gate for food and spices.

Wide offer of activities for children at the historical Cotton Warehouses building housing the “Children’s Town” where kids from 2 to 12 can approach science and technology with hands-on activities, games and fun; the DeAmicis Library dedicated to youngsters promotes reading activities for children using innovative technology. The building hosts part of “The Space” cinema and several cafes and restaurants serving typical dishes and international cuisine. The open air swimming pool and its wooded patio complete the offer of this part of the area.

On the opposite side of Porto Antico’s pier, stimulating historical and marine activities at the Galata Maritime Museum, the S518 Nazario Sauro, Italy’s largest underwater submarine museum and finally, moored close to the Galata, the vessel used in Roman Polanski’s film “Pirati”.

Post Conference.

The varying locations of Porto Antico offer a rich selection of post conference activities and social events. Contact the Centro Congressi di Genova team for more information.
Alongside fundamental professional services, Genoa’s conference center offers several interesting options for post congress programs and end of the day activities.

Some new options:
musica-postcongressMusic and entertainment: in collaboration with local artists you can enjoy musical performances representing a variety of genres, public readings, talks, event presentations,  informal entertainment.

bighe-delbigo-postcongressSports activities: guided Segway tours exploring the city center, perfect for small groups and team building, incentives and conference attendees and/or accompanying persons.