Why Genoa?

Genoa is in itself an extraordinary example of CI: concentration of airport, passenger terminal, VTE-Voltri Terminal Europa terminal, oil port, motorways, fair & exhibition centre, stadium, power station, and railway network within the urban area.

Due to its strategic position in the Mediterranean basin.

Because of the presence of state-of-the-art companies and outstanding university and research institutes in the region, specifically in the sector of community protection technologies :Technological Districts and Centres of Research and Innovation , National Research Council, School of Engineering, Finmeccanica, Robotics Centre of the Italian Institute of Technology.

We believe that Genoa, because of its unique features, should become the European referent in the IC and community protection sector. CPEXPO is an interactive communication platform consisting of an international trade fair  (including an open conference and a series of themed workshops) supported by a permanent web portal whose main objectives, closely intertwined with those of the event, are to enhance debate and draw attention towards Genoa, more specifically the attention of international institutions, companies, universities, the research sector, foreign countries, decision makers, people and bodies in charge of CIs, trade media and, more in general, professionals and experts from the various sectors involved.