Genova 9-10 December 2014


Based on the successful experiences of the SREs 2012 and 2013, the European Commission is organising the Security Research Conference SRC2014 to be held over two half days on 9 and 10 December 2014, within the CPExpo.

The conference targeted participants are:

• Industry stakeholders;
• European and international science and research personalities;
• Italian national authorities;
• High level European officials and representatives from other regional/international organisations.

The attendance of high level representatives of Italian authorities as well as of the EU, and other regional and international organisations, is envisaged.

SRC2014 will focus on the following five thematic sessions:

1. The regional dimension of security:

security and innovation priorities of different regions in the EU, how the EC is contributing to such priorities through its security research programme and security industrial policy, how the local and regional levels can contribute to the definition of policy objectives of the EU in these fields.

2. Horizon 2020’s Challenge 7 “Secure Societies”:

H2020 as an instrument to boost the competitiveness of the EU security lead to the production of cutting-edge technologies, to define updated policies to fulfill the end-users needs.

3. Privacy by design and the societal aspects of security:

the concept of privacy by design and on the societal impact of security technologies, EU most recent legislation and initiatives in the fields.

4. The external dimension of security: a focus on maritime security:

concrete possibilities for H2020 to contribute to the advancement of the EU maritime security as one of the aspects of its external security dimension.

5. Security Industrial Policy Action Plan 2012:

main advancements in the implementation of the Security Industrial Policy Action Plan, opportunities to strengthen competitiveness of the EU security industry, regional security clusters to discuss how EU industrial policy can provide support (standardisation and harmonisation actions).


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