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Security Research Conference and CPExpo Programmes

(as of  8 December 2014)


9-11 December (h 9.00-18.00): CPExpo Exhibition


9 December 2014

9.30-13.00 Registration and CPExpo Exhibition Opening



13.30     Welcome Lunch

14.30     Opening of CPExpo

Mr Claudio Burlando, Presidente, Regione Liguria

14.50     Opening of the Conference

Mr Graham Willmott, Head, Policy and Research in Security Unit, DG Enterprise and Industry

Mr Maurizio Aiello on behalf of the Italian Minister of Education, University and Research

15.00-16.15 The regional dimension of security

Moderator: Mr Renzo Guccinelli, Assessore allo Sviluppo Economico, Regione Liguria


Mr Pierre Karleskind, Vice-President, Bretagne region

Mr Virgilio Mouta Pereira, Research Director, Magellan Association, Portugal

Mr Alberto Contaretti, Programme Officer – EU Policies, Policy and Research in Security Unit, DG Enterprise and Industry

16.15-16.45        Coffee break

16.45-18.00 Horizon 2020’s Challenge 7 “Secure Societies”

Moderator: Mr Graham Willmott, Head, Policy and Research in Security Unit, DG Enterprise and Industry


Mr Patrick Padding, Chairman, ENLETS – Chairman, EC Security Advisory Group

Mr Pierre Chastanet, Deputy-Head, Trust and Security Unit, DG Communications networks, Content and Technology

Mr Giancarlo Grasso, Vice-Presidente, ANITEC

Ms Gabriele Jacobs, Coordinator, Composite

20.00     Official Dinner at Genoa Aquarium, Area Porto Antico –Ponte Spinola


10 December 2014


09.00-10-15 Privacy by design and the societal aspects of security

Moderator: Mr Peter Burgess, Research Professor, Peace Research Institute in Oslo (PRIO) and Coordinator of the SOURCE project


Mr Graham Willmott, Head, Policy and Research in Security Unit, DG Enterprise and Industry

Mr Aljosa Pasic, ATOS

Mr Joseph Cannataci, University of Groningen, DEMOcracy and SECurity platform (DEMOSEC)

Mr Jean-François Sulzer, Advanced-Project manager, Thales Group

10.15-11.30 The external dimension of security: a focus on maritime security

Key-note speech: Ms Paola Imperiale, Ministro Plenipotenziario, Coordinatore Affari del Mare, Ministero degli Affari Esteri

Moderator: Mr Michel Bosco, Deputy-Head, Policy and Research in Security Unit, DG Enterprise and Industry


Prof Refaat Chaabouni, Former Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Tunisia

Mr Staffan Ekwall, Policy Officer, Maritime Policy Mediterranean and Black Sea Unit, DG MARE

Ms Belinda Pyke, Director, Directorate C, DG Home Affairs

Mr Bertrand Aubriot, Président, Working group “Maritime Security”, Groupement des industriels français de la construction navale (GICAN)

Mr Fernando Barbero, Coordinator, PERSEUS project

11.30-11.45 Coffee break

11.45-13.00 Security Industrial Policy

Moderator: Ms Jolien van Zetten, Coordinator of the CRISP project and Ms Sara Wallin, Coordinator of the HECTOS project


Mr Luigi Ottaviani, Capitano di Vascello, Stato Maggiore della Marina

Mr Giuseppe Sassi, Amministratore Delegato di SEASTEMA

Mr Andrea Ascani Orsini, Direttore Ricerca e Sviluppo, Qualità e Produzione, Gilardoni S.p.A.

Mr Glen Dale, General Director, Euralarm

13.00-13.15 Conference conclusions

Ms Belinda Pyke, Director, Directorate C, DG Home Affairs

Mr Paolo Annunziato, Direttore Generale, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR)

Mr Domenico Rossi, Sottosegretario di Stato, Ministero della Difesa

13.15     Farewell lunch


CPExpo 2014 WORKSHOPS (14.30 – 18.30)

14.30–16.00 CPExpo Thematic session 1: Disaster resilience: crisis management and civil protection

Massimo C. Comparini – CHAIR – Chief Technical Officer, Telespazio SpA

Brenda K. Wiederhold – President, Virtual Reality Medical Institute (VRMI), Brussels

Carlo Bellecci  – Professor of Experimental Physics, Faculty of Engineering, University of Rome “Tor Vergata”

Michela Spagnuolo – Research Director, CNR Institute of Applied Mathematics and Information Technologies-IMATI

Jesús Marcos Olaya – Director, Space, Security and Defence, Tecnalia (Spain)

Roberto Setola – Director Complex Systems & Security Lab, UniCampus Biomedico

Franco Gizzi – Responsabile Area Centro – Affari Istituzionali, Enel Italia

16.00-16.15 Coffee break

16.15-18.30 CPExpo Thematic session 2: Cybersecurity and Cybercrime

Francesca Bosco– CHAIR – Project Officer, Emerging Crimes Unit – United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI)

Maurizio Aiello – Italian Delegate, Horizon 2020 “Secure Societies” Programme Committee

Bart De Wijs – Head of Cyber Security ABB, Power System Division, The Netherlands

Michal Choras – Senior Consultant and Project Manager at ITTI Ltd., University of Technology and Life Sciences, Bydgoszcz, Poland

Luigi Romano – Consorzio Interuniversitario Nazionale per l’Informatica-CINI

Alessandro Armando – Computer Security Laboratory, DIBRIS, University of Genova

Loriano Cecchi – Head of Architectures and Infrastructures for Security Area, Bank of Italy

Roberto Surlinelli – Direttore Tecnico, National Centre for the Protection of Critical Infrastructures (CNAIPIC), Italian Postal and Communication Police Service

Alessandro Menna – Head of Systems Engineering, Cyber Security & Information Assurance, Selex ES

Jorge Izquierdo Zubiate – Head, Programmes and Networks, ADE-Regional Agency for Innovation Castilla y León, Spain

Carlo Mauceli – Chief Technology Officer, MICROSOFT Italia


11 December 2014 – Day 3

CPExpo 2014 WORKSHOPS (9.00 – 13.30)

9.00–10.30 CPExpo Thematic session 3: Urban Security and Protection of Urban Soft Targets

Mark Stroud – CHAIR – UK Home Office

Marco Ghisi – Vice President Solutions Architect Security & Smart Systems Division, Selex ES

Gianluigi Me – Ufficio Informatica e Telecomunicazioni, Comando Generale Arma dei Carabinieri

Paolo Castiglieri – ICT Strategy and European Projects Coordinator, Strategic Planning Department, Municipality of Genoa

Paola Girdinio Università di Genova e Presidente Comitato Tecnico Scientifico Associazione Genova Smart City


10.45–12.15 CPExpo Thematic session 4: Disaster resilience: critical infrastructure protection and business continuity

Gianfranco Fornaro – CHAIR – CNR – Institute for Electromagnetic Sensing of the Environment (IREA)

Alessandro Garibbo – Head of Technical Scouting, Selex ES

Luigi Grossi – Direttore scientifico DLTM

Gianna Detoni – Managing Director Panta Ray srl

Jose Pires – Senior Advisor, Security Division, International Union of Railways-UIC

Daniel Lopour – Market Innovation Officer, European GNSS Agency (GSA – Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency)


11.30–13.30 CPExpo Thematic session 5: Maritime Security

Inge Ceuppens– CHAIR – R&T Programme Manager, European Defence Agency

Rocco Mario Orsini – Vice President, Technical Marketing & EW Solutions, ELT Elettronica SpA

Giovanni Caprino Models and Information Technology Manager CETENA

Luigi Rebuffi – CEO, European Organisation for Security-EOS

Francesco Serafino – CNR- IREA Institute for Electromagnetic Sensing of the Environment

Francesco Vestito – Ministero della Difesa

Robert Been – NATO Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation-CMRE, PERSEUS project

David Rios Morentin – Intelligence and Homeland Security-ISDEFE, Spain – CLOSEYE project


14.00–16.00 Brokerage Event: create your European network