The global expoconference on Critical Infrastructures Protection

The project

The growing importance of critical infrastructures, their protection and the related Cyber Security protocols led to different approaches and continuous legislative changes worldwide. CPExpo is the answer to the exigency of an exhibition, which provides visibility and business opportunities to those industrial solutions and the newest innovation enabling communities to feel safe thanks to the protection of their critical infrastuctures.

Market trends

The EU has established that, in order to improve competitiveness in Europe’s security sector, boost its growth, and promote the creation of new jobs, the following objectives need to be achieved:

1. overcoming market fragmentation;
2. reducing the gap from research to market;
3. improving the integration of the societal dimension.

Over the last ten years the world community protection market has grown tenfold, from € 10 billion in 2001 to € 100 billion in 2011, with growth indexes that exceed the average increase of GDP. The EU security market is estimated as being worth € 26 billion and employing approximately 180,000 workers.

The EU is committed to improving the competitiveness of Europe’s security industry so as to prevent it from falling below its current 25% share of the world markets, especially in light of the increasing demand for technologies and know-how from emerging countries in Asia, South America, and the Middle East.

Why CPExpo?

  • To promote and facilitate contacts between and among professionals, as required by the current legislative framework;
  • To enhance debate at a national and international level;
  • To respond to to a series of European policies aimed at sustaining and financing activities that favour training and the dissemination of information;
  • To create a cultural training/information platform capable of increasing the perception and awareness of the risks stemming from an increasingly fast technological evolution;
  • To offer an integrated “snapshot” of the future, as regards both risks and solutions;
  • To offer an up-to-date overview of the technologies, systems and solutions available for IC protection;
  • To promote international debate and cooperation between and among states, institutions, key clients, and the security industry;
  • To offer Italian companies opportunities in new international markets, thus attracting important international clients, particularly from developing countries, to Genoa;
  • To fill the gap deriving from the lack of events, also at an international level, specifically devoted to CIs and community protection.

Who is CPExpo targeted to?

  • Representatives of the European Committees in charge of security sector development;
  • Public-private official delegations from Europe, North America, mediterranean contries
  • Italian and foreign ministries and institutions;
  • Metropolitan municipalities, local bodies;
  • Utilities;
  • European Regions
  • Experts in security and data and information governance methods;
  • Universities and research institutes;
  • Company top managers and security managers, auditors, risk managers, financial authorities;
  • State bodies;
  • Companies supplying tailor-made systems and solutions for CI security;
  • Companies supplying security technologies on an industrial scale;
  • Companies supplying subsystems and components.